About Us

Mission Statement

Inspiring the world to live healthy and active lifestyles while having fun and building confidence. 


Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a world where being active and healthy is exciting and fun. Considering 35% of Americans are obese, its apparent exercising and eating healthy is a choir for most people and it can be hard to stay consistent with it. Through surveys and questionnaires we have determined that a leading factor in people’s negative attitude towards fitness is how they view the experience. Going to the gym can be intimidating or time consuming and eating healthy can be expensive or unappetizing. People enjoy health and fitness for different reasons; a bodybuilder may like the way they look in the mirror, a long distance runner may like that they have more energy throughout the day, and a sports athlete may like the competition and teamwork. Traditional gyms provide the tools to accomplish these benefits but are to generic to allow people to discover what they really enjoy. We believe we have figured out a way to counter the negative sentiment relating to healthy and fitness and that’s to tailor the experience to the person.


5 Year Vision

Our 5 year vision is to expand our retail business into a services based company that provides individual & team oriented training in a gym atmosphere. We will provide all of the amenities that your typical gym will and much more. We look to add sports amenities that aren't typically included in the gym experience such as batting cages, street hockey arenas, soccer fields, volleyball courts, and so on. While there are gyms that provide some of these amenities, they charge an arm and a leg. We are confident we will be able to keep prices low by utilizing the audience we have established over the years to get off to a strong start with subscription numbers. To make sure we are differentiating ourselves from the competition and providing the maximum value to our team, we will staff our gyms with trainers on the weight floor, basketball courts, tennis courts, and so on that will be available free of charge with initial subscriptions. We also want to make diet a part of the gym experience. We will incorporate restaurants into our gyms that serve menu items based on what activities the athlete preformed that day. For example we will have a section on the menu that caters to bodybuilding and will be high in protein while another section on the menu that caters to endurance athletes would be high in carbohydrates. Of course we will also be incorporating a retail section into our gym where athletes can stock up on apparel, equipment, and nutritional items. That sounds pretty exciting to us!


1-2 Year Vision

Our 1-2 year vision consists of developing the foundational aspects of our business such as branding and business development. We want to provide people with the resources required to live healthy and active lifestyles while having fun and building confidence under their own circumstances. We believe providing exclusive apparel and home fitness equipment can make an immediate impact towards our overall mission. In 2019 we look to continue developing our brand and look to participate heavily in marketing. Once we have a dedicated team that supports our mission, we will then look to start business development in 2020. This will consist of partnerships with new brands and expanding our retail business from furnishing individual homes to supplying gym establishments. This will increase our brand reach to new audience and hopefully introduce us to new team members we wouldn't have the opportunity to meet otherwise. This will solidify our position in the retail sector and allow us a launch pad into the services industry where we believe we will have the opportunity to have the most impact on the world.


Ambitious Athletics LLC 5 Year Timeline


Develop Brand & Raise Awareness


Begin Business Development - New Brands & Partnerships


Expand From Retail Into Services - Free Training Programs & Generic Meal Plans


Develop Competitive Youth Sports Programs - Training & Teams


Expand Into Brick & Mortar Establishments - Holistic Style Gyms


Note To Our Team

Thanks for reading about our mission and our vision. We love our team and appreciate the support you provide! We truly want to make the world a better & healthier place. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our current business model or our future outlook we’d love to hear. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Info@AmbitiousAthleticGoods.com or send us a message on any of our social media channels. If you would like to send us a thank you letter send it to 370 17Th Street, DenverCO 80202 (DO NOT RETURN HERE) Protein shake cheers to living healthy, active, and confident!