Foam Roller | 2 In 1 | Trigger Point & Solid Foam

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Foam Roller | 2 In 1 | Trigger Point & EVA Foam

This 2 in 1 foam roller is made from high-density EVA foam and comes with a trigger point skin. It's a perfect tool for yoga, pilates, fitness exercises, physiotherapy, and injury rehabilitation. The solid inner EVA foam provides great support and durability. The specially designed trigger point patterned roller is firm but flexible and acts much like a massage therapist. This 2 in 1 EVA foam roller with the trigger point addition helps stimulate blood circulation and improve flexibility to reduce pain, speed up recovery, and increase the range of motion you're capable of. This foam roller can relax the body, alleviate fatigue, improve sleeping, and tone your figure. It is great for sports athletes, CrossFit athletes, and anyone with muscle tension. The increased blood circulation from the foam roller can activate your muscle for better exercising and make your workout more efficient and enjoyable.


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  • Type: Foam Roller
  • Style: 2 In 1 Trigger Point & EVA Foam
  • Color: Black & Orange
  • Material: EVA & PVC
  • Size Of Solid EVA Foam Roller: 8.5 x 32.5 cm / 3.3 x 12.8 in
  • Size Of Hollow Trigger Point Foam Roller: 14 x 33 cm / 5.5 x 13 in


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