Pull Up Bar | Adjustable & Retractable

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Pull Up Bar | Adjustable & Retractable

This adjustable & retractable pull up bar is made of durable electroplate steel to maximize your safety during exercises. The pull up bar also has non-slip foam pads & rubber stoppers that are designed to provide a secure, comfortable, and stable workout to all that use it. The pull up bar is effortless to assemble, simply fix the rubber stoppers onto the door frame and turn the bar clockwise until the end is pressing tightly up against the fame of your door. It is just as easy to remove. This pull bar extends and retracts on each side as you twist the centre section so it can be easily removed when not in use to store elsewhere. While its called a pull up bar, there is a variety of exercises that can be done with this bar such as push-ups, sit-ups, abdominal twists, and leg raises.


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  • Type: Pull Up Bar
  • Style: Adjustable & Retractable
  • Features: Perfect Fit For Door Ways
  • Material: Steel

Key Notes

  • Ensure the pull up bar is fixed tightly & securely before beginning exercise for safety
  • Clean the pull up bar with anti-rust oil to allow for long-term sustainability and quality.


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