Knee Brace | Elastic Slip-On | 4 Colors

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This slip-on elastic knee brace is ideal for all kinds of fitness activity. The knee brace supports the movement of the knee during exercise and protects against excessive friction of the knee joint during strenuous exercise. Support for the knee prevents mistracking of the knee cap, thus improving the sensory-motor function of the entire joint. The elastic knee brace is made of fine nylon knitwear, optimized for sports, and focused on the breathability and stability required for the athlete. This elastic knee brace is perfect for anyone who participates in an activity that requires fast-paced weight/direction changes. Its cross-stitched fabric is both durable and lightweight, which provides a perfect fit and stays in position securely during exercise and activity. The elastic knee brace can be used proactively to prevent injuries or reactively to rehabilitate injuries. It can be used to aid in the recovery of many injuries such as, but not limited to: knee strains, knee sprains knee edema, knee tendinitis, jumpers knee, runners knee, ligament tears, and much more.


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  • Type: Knee Brace
  • Color: Gray, Pink, Green, Black
  • Style: Elastic Slip-On
  • Material: Nylon
  • Product Includes: Single Knee Brace


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