Ankle Brace | Velcro Strap Support

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Ankle Brace | Velcro Strap Support

This ankle brace uses a velcro strap support system that provides exceptionally strong support to your ankle joint. The ankle brace can be used proactively to prevent injuries or reactively to rehabilitate injuries. This ankle brace is ideal for anyone who participates in an activity that requires fast-paced weight/direction changes. The extra strong support this ankle brace provides can ensure your ankle stays protected. If you have experienced an ankle sprain, you know how bad they hurt and how long they can take to recover. In fact, severe ankle sprains can cause more damage to the joint than a break in the bone. This can take you away for the activities you love and restrain your health. This ankle brace can also serve as a less-expensive option to using athletic kinesiology tape. Wear the ankle brace each time you participate in an athletic activity to stabilize the ankle joint and provide support to prevent the ankle from rolling over and causing injury.


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  • Free Shipping Method: USPS
  • Type: Ankle Brace
  • Color: Black
  • Style: Velcro Strap Support | Strong Support
  • Size: Fits Up To An 11" Circumference At The Widest Part
  • Product Includes: Single Ankle Brace
  • Fit: Left & Right Ankles

Key Notes

  • For prolonged durability, do not bleach.
  • Use cold water when washing.
  • If the velcro straps are too long, they can be trimmed down accordingly.


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