Power Tower | Dip Stand With Slings

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Power Tower | Dip Stand With Slings

This heavy-duty dipping station features 2 adjustable slings that allow you to regulate your exercise intensity. Pads on slings increase comfort and reduce friction. It can be used to engage more muscles and increase strength in your triceps, shoulders, deltoids, pectorals, and back muscles. This dip stand allows for ease of use for all height ranges. Its compact style allows you to get an intense upper body workout from the comfort of your own home. The freestanding dip station has a lightweight body that allows for easy mobility. Start pumping up those shoulders and triceps with this new dip station.


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  • Free Shipping Method:UPS
  • Type:Power Tower
  • Style:Dip Stand With Slings
  • Features:Shoulder, Deltoid, Tricep, Chest, And Back Workouts
  • Material:Steel & PVC
  • Dimensions:
    • Upper Part Dimension: 21" x 21"(Length x Width)
    • Lower Part Dimension: 32.5" x 27"(Length x Width)
  • Height: 37.5"
  • Length of grabbing slings: 22.5" - 30"
  • Weight Capacity:264 Lbs
  • Weight Of Dip Stand:22 Lbs
  • Product Includes: 1 x Dip Stand, 2 x Slings


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